About Us

Victory Freight, a subsidiary of the NGT Group, was established in 2002. We are a leading and reliable logistics service provider with the great trust of our customers. We cater to your business transport needs by offering services from container logistics, and general logistics to warehousing 3PL logistics. Businesses of large size to small sizes rely on us for efficient and economical logistic solutions. We have an extensive fleet to transport to suit your business needs. 

We have the best minds working for us. Our specialist team has the best industry experience and knows how to optimize the complete value chain. Our industry knowledge, expertise and cutting-edge solutions make us stand out among the crowd. The unique selling proposition of our services is high-quality services no matter what your business demands leading to a highly satisfied rate of customers. We have developed a good reputation in the supply chain all across Australia. 

We are second to none in creating an agile supply chain management! 

Our 21 years of experience in the supply chain realm has enlightened us on the major challenges you are struggling with right now. None is better than us to help you from strategy to operations to KPIs, with our matchless tools and track record. Get in touch with us. 

Core Values

Focus on the Bigger Picture

We always focus on the bigger picture to find success. We zoom out and visualize the process from start to finish, this gives us a unique understanding of supply chain management. 


We believe it’s always a good idea to be flexible and adaptable to improve the process and to get the best outcomes. We always juxtapose the experience with the new creative ideas. 

Integrity & Honesty 

Practicing integrity and honesty strengthens the relationship of the customer with the company which leads to success in the long run. 

Unwavering Commitment 

We offer unwavering commitment to our customers, communities and employees. We leverage the knowledge and experience we have to offer nothing but the best. 


We are nothing without our team of employees. We work together across a diverse team to support and accomplish our common goals.