Rail & Road

Rail and Road Services

Victory Freight is an established name in combined rail and road transport. Our solutions focus on economical, operational and environmental performance with the help of high volume loading, accident probability decline, consistent operation and Co2 emissions. This mode of transport provides many advantages when it comes to productivity and reliability.

Victory Freight provides reliable rail & road freight services across Australia. Whether you want to take charge of satchels, pallets, cartons and more, to any location in Australia, we are the best bet for you. We assure you that we will never slow you down as we offer you the fastest possible freight transport.

Benefits of Rail and Road Services:

Combined Railway Transportation for Packaged Shipments 

We have a partnership with a myriad of operators. Therefore, we are able to deliver all types of materials throughout Australia. There is no chance your material will be subjected to laid breaking. We have enough resources to achieve successful railway transportation for packaged shipments.

High Daily Frequency

We can transport your palletized products with high daily frequency via a full train that links two cross-dock platforms. Our own trucks guarantee pre and post-shipments directly to the destination. Loading and unloading are done by a team on our logistical platform between each route.
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Reduced Carbon Footprint Solution
Our railway transport is a better alternative as it generates 11 times fewer CO2 emissions than road transportation. Victory Freight has access to prominent railway lines that permits us to optimize your flows while staying within your budgetary constraints.

Why Choose Victory Freight for Rail & Road Services? 


We are flexible enough to move your goods of any size to any location. We offer a wide array of cost-efficient road and rail logistics with pre-defined schedules, which are personalised as per your needs. 


You can rely on us for any cargo to be sent on time and at any location you want. We have stable lead times with fixed arrivals and departures, hence, we facilitate you to have a streamlined supply chain and deliver according to your commitments. 

Go Green

We have a mission to reduce emissions whilst enhancing supply chain efficiency. With our strategic network planning and cost-efficient routing, we work dedicatedly to cut down costs and the environmental footprint. 


Stressed about tracking your freight? Fret not, we provide much visibility to track and trace the system that gives you enough confidence and control you require. The visibility keeps you informed on your rail freight shipment status. 

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