Refrigerated/General Logistics

Refrigerated/General Logistics Services

Victory Freight is a name to rely on for impeccable general and refrigerated services. Under this category, we have hotshot, last mile and mining logistics services. We are committed to offering the best services under any circumstances and delivering exceptional expertise. Our team is well-versed in the most optimal practices to load, deliver, and unload with great precision and skills. They have the know-how to deal with any emergency situations and they come out victoriously. Safety and care of the cargo is the priority. 

General Transport  

We are second to none in addressing your needs for general transport, regardless of what your requirements are. Collaborate with us to acquire quick results for your supply chain. We make sure you get 100 per cent customer satisfaction from our transport services. 

  • Decades of industry exposure and knowledge 
  • Unique custom solutions 
  • In-house carrier capacity   

Refrigerated Transport

Victory Freight has great experience in delivering refrigerated transport. We can help you in delivering your perishable goods to any location under a specific time period. We are equipped with a specialised fleet of refrigerated trucks to deliver these goods. We deliver goods such as food, medicine or consumable products that need to reach different locations. We ascertain the clean and prompt transport. 

  • Proven track record of refrigerated transport with a great success rate
  • Skilled and certified professionals in handling food safety 
  • Adherence to compliance regulations 
  • Well-maintained and designed trucks with top-notch features for proper storage. 

Last Time Logistics

Last-time services in logistics refer to the very last step of any delivery process when a parcel or shipment is transported from a transportation hub to its final destination.

Mining Logistics

Victory Freight is a trustworthy name for first-class mining logistics services. Our skills and expertise are second to none when it comes to logistics services.

Hot Shot Services

Any downtime can prove to be expensive for your business. But worry not when you can get your things delivered at any time.