Break Bulk

Break Bulk Services

Breakbulk service refers to the process of transporting cargo or goods that are misfit or items that cannot fit in standard-size shipping containers. This kind of cargo is transported in crates, drums, barrels, bags, boxes etc. The type of material sent through break bulk is reels and rolls. Steel, steel girders, construction equipment, vehicles etc. Break bulk service is gaining popularity and finding an influx of interested shippers with heavy-size items. 

Benefits of break bulk shipping: 

  • Oversized and overweight items can be sent easily. 
  • There is a decrease in time on deconstruction and reconstruction so that these items can be made ready for dispatch.  
  • Goods can fit into small size ports that are generally not accommodated by huge size container ships or tankers. 
  • There is no need to combine the goods as these are shipped separately.

Victory Freight & Break Bulk Services:

Victory Freight is a name to rely on for break bulk services in Australia. We possess much expertise in delivering break bulk services. We assess the breakbulk shipping options for your out-of-gauge item and offer feasible, and economical options to transport your cargo. Things of any size can be moved effortlessly when you count on us. Our experts work closely with you to make your shipment successful. The whole process is streamlined by following various steps. There are steps such as planning, coordinating, implementing, and managing logistical prerequisites of break bulk and cargo. Moreover, the process also goes through documentation, customs clearance, and managing local traffic in some cases. 

Victory Freight has an expert team delivering break bulk services with great precision. We also have a proven track record of break bulk shipping. Call us right away to know more about our services.

Streamlined Service

Get benefits from a straightforward service that comprehends your requirements very well and justifies them fully. 

A Liberated Solution

In this service, there is a need for minimal port facilities and it does not rely on the modernisation of the local infrastructure. 

Nominal Costs

Breakbulk services are offered at reasonable rates as costs are cut significantly for heavy, large and unique cargo.

All-in-One Solution 

You do not go through the hassle to disassemble, pack, and reassemble – ship machinery and equipment as a final product. 

How We Help You Standout with Our Break-bulk Service?

Timely Delivery 

Time is money so we ensure that your delivery is done on time. Our tracking tools help us to ensure timely delivery leading to higher customer satisfaction. 

Freight Intelligence

Do not fret over the cargo status as you can get 100 transparency of your delivery with our innovative end-to-end solution. 

De-Risk & Planning Flexibility

When you collaborate with us then have no worries about your breakbulk getting less attention due to its size. We make sure there is no risk to your shipment.

Single Point of Contact

Gone are the days of calling freight forwarders multiple times, now you can have a single point of contact. A single point of contact assures no stress for you. 

Bank on Victory Freight for Break Bulk Services

When you look for services like break bulk or even Professional Container Packing and Unpacking services that have the perfect blend of expertise and innovation then look no further and choose Victory Freight for the best outcomes. Call our experts for more queries.