Mining Logistics

Impeccable Logistics Solutions for the Mining Industry

Victory Freight is a trustworthy name for first-class mining logistics services. Our skills and expertise are second to none when it comes to logistics services for mining projects which include the movement of metallic, non-metallic and energy minerals such as silver, copper, lead, zinc, aluminium and coal, and machineries such as excavators, drills, cranes, mining trucks, tools and spare parts. We are efficient in importing machinery, equipment and supplies to consolidate bulk cargo by using big bags for export. 

Many businesses have immense trust in us to transport and handle these minerals with utmost precision. Our professionals are well-versed in transporting mining materials and the best practices related to them. Whatever demands you have, we are capable of fulfilling them with the use of our cutting-edge machinery. Just let us know about your project and we will find the most optimal solution for your mining industry-related imports or exports. 

Any mining project comes with four stages, each of which posses its own features and particular needs: 

Technical and environmental studies where work is done in the field to achieve the project’s viability and the repercussions of its implementation.
Creation of project and mine preparation is done with the development of any infrastructure that is imperative for implementation.
Operations and extraction
Mine closure

We are located in remote areas in order to offer all-inclusive door-to-door solutions in different stages such as the operations stage, from the supply of equipment to outbound operations.

Equipment Supply

We are adept in designing your supply chain logistics and we transfer your equipment and machinery with the use of our exclusively designed heavy-duty equipment. Hence, we handle your heavy or oversized loads safely.

Outbound Operations

We are best at coordinating your mineral exports. We offer full-fledged logistics and transport services from loading materials just out of the mine to their delivery at the final destination, including storage warehouses for handling the minerals and their dispatch to the port.

Our Specialised Freight Services for Mining Supplies.

Logistics Management

We make it easier for you to say no to unnecessary delays and lost production time with the help of effective transport scheduling, ensuring that crucial supplies are delivered on an immediate basis.

Hazardous Cargo 

Many items are categorised as hazardous cargo. Our team can put the correct dangerous goods documentation in order, give advice related to packing requirements and opt for the most suitable carrier for your cargo. 

In-house Custom Clearance

We segregate your goods, make preparations for import permissions and assure that the equipment is devoided of any bio-risk material to clear the goods on arrival. 

A Specialised Network 

A specialised network is an utmost need in a mining logistics operation. At Victory Freight, we only collaborate with specialised transport partners and carriers who come with a proven track record of quality services. 

Advanced Service Options

With the help of our vetted network of agents, we can find out a competitive rate and service option. 

Marine Insurance 

Do not put your high-value goods at risk. We help you to safeguard your cargo on its journey with several insurance options. 

Hiring Lifting Equipment 

When needed we can also find options to arrange cranes or any other special equipment to lift your machinery at the port or even at your premises. 

Your Worth-Trusting Freight Management Partner – Victory Freight

When having the requirement to ship time-sensitive or high-value cargo then go with a trustworthy freight management partner – Victory Freight. We understand the trials and tribulations of mining logistics, so we present feasible solutions to you. We have exposure and experience in shipping oversize and heavyweight cargo in Australia.

We have hands-on expertise in supplying equipment to rural and remote sites without any exceptions. Moreover, we have dedicated project management for bulky shipments. And we have been operating in Australia for more than 14 years. We have great expertise in other services as well such as Rail Road Services WA, Last Time Logistics Solutions WA etc.