Hotshot trucking generally refers to the transportation of loads that are small in quantity but are highly time-sensitive and are carried to easily accessible locations. Primarily, hotshot trucking loads are delivered locally. Hotshot truck drivers are considered the ‘minutemen’ of trucking as they are readily available to deliver essential items such as farm equipment or appliances. 

If you have little to no idea regarding hotshot trucking in logistics then stick to this blog to get more crucial details. Let’s delve deeper. 

1: Hotshot Trucking has Different Licensing Requirements

If we compare hotshot trucking to other trucking endeavors then you should know that hotshot trucking may need you to have fewer licensing requirements. Hotshot drivers need a driver’s license, but they do not necessarily require a commercial driver’s license. The loads which weigh under 10,000 lbs do not make it compulsory to have a CDL. However, the driver needs to have a Motor Carrier Authority Number that should be approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. 

Some hotshot truckers may feel that it’s more advantageous to get a CDL in order to broaden their capabilities, however, it, by no means, becomes necessary for hotshot trucking. 

2: Hotshot Trucking has Plenty of Advantages

Hotshot trucking offers many benefits to drivers which include: 

  • Reasonable costs of a startup as compared to big-size trucking ventures
  • Reduced wait time between deliveries
  • Regional or local shipments offer a more balanced life for drivers 
  • Huge flexibility offers greater benefits to both professionals and customers
  • Handsome income made by drivers

From the perspective of customers, the hotshot trucking niche gives them an instantly available and feasible resource for immediate shipping, regular local transport availability and the alternative of saying no to service downtime while decreasing the cost of shipping a time-sensitive item. 

3: It’s Time-Sensitive Shipping, However, It’s Not Expedited!

One of the prominent factors about hot shot trucking is that it puts a major focus on accomplishing time-sensitive freight, still, it has nothing to do with expedited delivery. Expedited shipping generally emphasizes quicker deliveries than general ones and often incorporates a trucking company with standby trucks. Hotshot Trucking allots work through load boards that let the active drivers get jobs. This makes jobs more economical as drivers can take advantage of current transport routes. 

In addition to this, expedited shipping trucks are usually massive trailers, straight trucks vans and other vehicles. On the other hand, hotshot trucking service is offered by vehicles small in size with a weight of less than 1 ton. More commonly, hotshot trucking is executed with medium-duty trucks that deal with the time-sensitive delivery of small-size items.

4: Several Trucks and Trailers are Suitable for Hotshot Trucking!

Do you know that a variety of trucks can perform hotshot trucking? This makes it a

 readily available transport option for both customers and trucking companies. The Class 3, Class 4, and Class 5 trucks manufactured by Ram, GMC, Ford, and Peterbilt can be opted for this service. Moreover, to enhance the versatility of hotshot truckers, you may attach trailers with it. Bumper pull, goosenecks, deck overs and lowboy trailers can execute hotshot trucking tasks. Each one has its own benefits and helps to make hotshot trucking the most versatile option in the shipping industry. 

5: Hotshot Load Boards Offer Great Options

Load boards are precious resources for hotshot drivers to get freight to deliver at any time. Load boards usually offer a matching service that establishes a link between truck drivers with available services that need movement. Load boards give customers who have hotshot trucking needs access to a number of existing truckers to move loads at the earliest. 

Customers can make use of the load boards to find truck freight, hotshot and other shipping possibilities. Load boards act as a valuable service to customers who want to move time-sensitive cargo. 

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