An upgradation of logistics is required when your e-commerce business thrives. Moving ahead in business gives you two choices, either, get a warehouse, hire a team, deliver your orders or outsource the whole thing to a third-party logistics firm that complies with you. The choice is all yours. 

Outsourcing 3PL logistics is a popular option among businesses due to its apparent benefits. When organisations outsource their needs for warehousing and distribution to a Third-Party Logistics company (3PL) then they get benefit from an array of services, such as stockpiling, ordering, cross-docking, stock storage, packing and shipping. Moreover, companies can pay full attention to the core operations by opting for responsiveness with 3PL. 

During the shipment period with 3PL warehousing, a logistics company owns the warehouse where you store the products. If you wish to save significant time and cost for your business then outsourcing to a 3PL is the solution you are looking for. Responsibility for the premises, supplies, and labour expenses falls on the third party since the whole operation is run by them. 

Let us delve into understanding 3PL warehousing and its benefits in the upcoming segments of the blog. 

When to Go for 3PL Warehousing?

Companies usually lack an understanding of how to manage difficult transportation, reception process and storage. 3PL is the solution that they look for as this option is best with all the tools, services and skills to manage the products rather than taking on the task oneself. 

Keeping track of stock is an advantage of a 3PL warehouse which is often looked into by any business with high quality and special supply chain needs. But there are some other reasons to opt for 3PL warehousing. 

  • Need for more expansive storage facilities
  • Increased volume of inventory
  • New routes of delivery
  • Maximize performance and long-term cost savings
  • Varying expectations of business


Benefits of 3PL Warehousing: 


Effectiveness, flexibility, and productive performance are the reasons contributing to cost effectiveness when you partner with 3PL warehousing. You can remove the surprising elements of the business when you outsource services to 3PL. It is responsible for solving logistics issues. This ensures that you do not face too many unexpected expenditures when it comes to spending for your business. Financing or scheduling the facilities is not required along with headcount. 

Moreover, as you hand over the fulfilment to a partner, there is very little for you to think about setup, workload, overall optimisation and maintenance. An internal operating team can be handled with warehouse control systems and other technologies or you can develop homegrown management software. 

Tracking Inventory

Customer engagement is the cornerstone of your company. This is also the main objective of 3PL WMS. You are required to send your users a summary of the exact distribution by keeping a check on the delivered items in real-time. If you want to acquire real-time data on products in transit then you need to streamline tracking functionality with the help of SKU, batch, bits or serial number. Not only this, but your WMS also ascertains that you are updated with information on inventory activities be it inside or outside the factory. Everything is feasible with a complete audit. 

Expertise at Your Disposal 

If we think about the best practices of warehousing and logistics then be aware that a 3PL provider has matchless information of the industry changes. You do not need to worry about updating your business with the most recent developments in technology, logistics and manufacturing. A 3PL provider can let you have access to technology such as a warehouse management system for shipment status, tracking inventory and other tracking information. All these facilities make you go stress-free. 

Get Benefit from a Strong Resource Network

On working with a 3PL provider, you can get a chance to tap into a strong resource network that lets you have an edge over your competitor. A third-party warehousing provider allows you to leverage relationships and volume discounts which further benefits your company with minimal overheads and quick service.

Ensure the Growth of Your Business 

Undoubtedly, logistics is a paramount function of your business and so is operating your business and ensuring growth. When you rely on a 3PL provider to manage your logistics, you can put attention toward the growth of your business and its core competencies. An experienced 3PL provider is adept to manage receiving and order fulfilment on the basis of your unique business demands. Rather than managing a warehouse, you can better make efforts toward the growth of your business. 

Saying No to Long-Term Hassles

If you find and invest in warehouse space that typically needs you to go with a long-term lease commitment. However, it’s not required when you opt for 3PL warehousing services. When you go through growth or a slow period, then a 3PL provider knows how to manage your needs and adjust costs accordingly. 

Great Customer Service

A  reliable and quality 3PL provider treats your business like their own. You may find a number of options regarding 3PL services but you must go with the ones who prioritise integrity and honesty. As a result, you can be benefitted from a high percentage of on-time pickups and deliveries, lesser turbulent rates, reduced volatile access to capacity and low claims ratio. 

Flexibility and Scalability

As per the season, your space, labour and transportation can alter on the basis of your inventory requirements. With a 3PL provider, find growth in newer regions without any hurdles and optimise spaces and resources when in need. 

No Hassle to Manage Staff

As soon as you think of scaling your business the first thing that comes to your mind is staffing. Undoubtedly, managing your staff requires a lot of effort and time. However, when you outsource work to a logistics provider, they take care of all these tasks of hiring and managing staff.  

On the lookout for the most reliable 3PL warehousing solution? Get in touch with Victory Freight if you want to know how we can help you with your 3PL warehousing solutions needs.

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