Without any shadow of a doubt, the logistics sector has a paramount role to uplift and strengthen the supply chain of many vital industries. Maritime logistics has a great demand as it provides many benefits. Having different types of cargo also makes it necessary to have a means of transport that is adaptable to different needs. And, break bulk is a perfect alternative put forth by maritime logistics. 

Want to know more about break bulk and how it works in the supply chain? Read on the further parts of the blog to get useful insights. 

Let us first understand what breakbulk is. 

What is Breakbulk?

Break Bulk is systemized transportation of cargo in separate pieces rather than containers. Individual items that are large and heavy in size and weight are typically transported through this mode of logistics. 

Breakbulk shipping is commonly used to transport cargo or goods that do not fit into cargo containers. Some types of items used in this type of break bulk transport are machinery, engines, steel parts, etc. These goods are mostly high-cost and require special handling, care and transportation.

Breakbulk cargo has gained much popularity in recent years for the transport of large and heavy goods over the shipping method of using containers. 

How Does Break Bulk Work?

Wondering how break bulk or break bulk cargo works? Well, goods are placed in individual devices like barrels, boxes… unit loads which are secured to pallets.

For loading and unloading processes, the break bulk vessels are equipped with special heavy lift cranes that are able to handle the goods safely and faster than the port cranes.

Advantages of Break Bulk

Here are some of the important and interesting advantages that are offered by the break bulk logistic method for certain sectors and industries.


Ideal for Oversized Cargo, Heavy loads

After the elimination of containers and choosing full chartering, break bulk proves to be an ideal transport method for large and heavy goods transportation without the need to divide the product to fit in a container.

Industries that work with heavy materials and large dimensions often opt for this method. The vessels used in Break Bulk logistics are equipped with high-capacity deck cranes and additional equipment which are essential for loading and unloading these heavy or oversized products. 

Cost Savings

Many companies go for break bulk as it offers optimization of cargo space dividing the cost among several customers, ultimately making it more economical for them.


With the optimization of space and minimizing the number of shipments, there is less pollution in the environment. 

Easy Accessibility and Unloading

The huge containers require high-capacity deck cranes for loading and unloading. In the case of break bulk, the loading and unloading are easily done without the need for heavy cranes or specialized equipment at the port. 

Increased Speed

Break Bulk is a much faster and more efficient process as the goods can be directly stored and organized on the ship. 

Shorter Transit Times

In addition to this, break bulk cargo shipping has the advantage of shorter transit times as compared to container shipping. As container shipping goes through multiple ports in order to load and unload cargo so it takes a longer time. Break bulk shipping is a very effective method for time-sensitive shipments. 


Break bulk shipping is considered more flexible in comparison to container shipping. The reason is the cargo shipped through breakbulk can be loaded and unloaded at any port that can adjust into the ship and there will be no need for any special infrastructure. 

In Which Type of Transport is Breakbulk Used the Most?

Break bulk is a popular option in inland transport although it is also gaining much momentum in maritime transport. Cargo ships provide the space and qualities which are a perfect option to move heavy goods over much distances rather than land transport. 

Break Bulk Vessels According to the Type of Cargo 

Under the break bulk method, there are different types of vessels that are used. Some of them are listed below: 


  • Rolled Cargo. These are also referred to as Ro-Ro, they include ramps and platforms that give great help to immobilize rolling goods.
  • General cargo. To transport general cargo, multipurpose vessels are used. They are utilized for the transport of dry and irregular cargo without the need for any containers. 
  • Refrigerated. Refrigerated vessels have the relevant systems with special heat treatment.

When Break Bulk Service is Necessary? 

When there is a need to transport goods in large volumes and heavy weights and it is hard to place them in a single space with other types of goods then bulk services come to the rescue.  There are a wide array of objects such as machinery, industrial parts and automobiles that are perfect to transport via break bulk services. 


Evolution and Future of Break Bulk Cargo

Undoubtedly, many companies that move goods via containers are restoring toward the break bulk alternative. This is happening due to the major reason for lower costs than the use of containers.  

In addition to this, the future scope also depends upon the present use of this logistic option. And as per the present usage, there is an undeniably good scope for these services. 

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