Modern on-demand delivery systems are on the rise as customers require minimal response times. A lot of e-commerce businesses have come to the conclusion that fulfillment centres and warehouses are the perfect solution to help their customers get the product at the earliest. However, every solution has a challenge. For instance, traditional storage solutions can prohibit the cost and can be inconvenient for smaller businesses that need to keep the costs less. That is where the role of bulk emerges. 

Logistics companies come to rescue you in breaking bulk so your organisation can operate with minimal costs, enhanced efficiency and cut down on storage space needs. 

This blog delves into what is the role of break bulk for a business and how it can be used to your advantage. 

What is Bulk in Logistics?

Bulk is a general term that means the act of amalgamating the shipment of enormous volumes into one shipment for transportation. It means you have the liberty to transport a large quantity of goods in one container rather than using different smaller containers. 

How to Break Bulk for Your Business?

Breaking bulk is a straightforward process that helps companies in inventory storage in bulk quantities without the use of any fancy and expensive storage facilities. Companies are able to break bulk by combining different sizes of their products together, breaking down large shipments into smaller lots or amalgamating different brands in the same lot. Mixing products together is an economical and easy process. 

Some methods to break down a shipment are following; 

Fragmentation: Breaking freight into smaller quantities with a distinct size and weight.

Consolidation: Packing products of differing sizes in one shipment only. 

Averaging: Weighting and estimating diverse products and integrating them into one shipment.

Methods for Successful Breaking Bulk

Breaking bulk can be a useful method for many businesses, but it needs to be done accurately to prevent any kind of harm to the products. You can also prevent spending money and time unnecessarily. To make sure companies optimally use break bulk, they must follow these tips.

Understand Your Customer: Companies need to break down their products on the basis of the understanding they have of their customers and how the customer will use those products. 

Safeguard Your Products: During the procedure of breaking down freight, companies need to pay heed to safeguard the products from deterioration. This can be executed with the help of crates, palettes, or other materials that are designed for this type of transportation.

Keep Track of Time: Companies should keep a check on the time, it takes to break down freight and fine tune as per the need. Some companies have found that breaking down shipments gradually permits them to accomplish more shipments per day, ultimately managing their costs.

Track your Costs: Enterprises should keep a check on their costs when breaking down shipments. If a shipment is broken down improperly or is harmed during the process, then companies should be thoughtful of the costs associated with it.

The Final Thoughts

With the emergence of e-commerce, several enterprises have concluded that their fulfilment requirements can be addressed with an upgraded logistics solution. The rise of e-commerce has led to enhanced demand for bulk and break bulk solutions. Breaking bulk is a great help for companies to cut costs on storage costs, enhance efficiency and reduce space requirements. 

Hence, if done optimally it can bring many benefits to a company.