In the contemporary era, an ever-increasing number of people are turning to 3PL logistics providers because of their ability to speed up their clients’ fulfilment processes. Vendors who usually are reluctant to collaborate with 3PL are not aware of the umpteen benefits of the partnership. 

Do you know what it exactly means to collaborate with a 3PL warehousing partner? What benefits you can expect when you outsource many of your crucial jobs in their hands? Well, in a general sense, partnering with your 3PL partner establishes a connection between two parties to streamline and speed up the order delivery process. 

If you are also thinking of opting for a 3PL warehouse management service for better management of your logistics then you have made the right decision. This blog will shed light on some of the reasons why relying on 3PL services is highly beneficial for businesses. 

Read ahead to find more crucial details that can guide you well. 

Amped Up Visibility to Inventory

Alliance with 3PL partners offers wide access to real-time inventory levels. You can avail of the accurate and latest information about inventory that helps you to avoid issues such as overstocking or running out of a product. Such insights make you more efficient in providing satisfactory customer service and a strong hold on cash flow. 

High Level of Fulfillment Capability 

When you partner with 3PL warehousing it leads to a seamless and effortless fulfilment process. You do not face usual issues related to fulfilment capability as it is all taken care of by third-party logistics. This further gives rise to improved accuracy, efficiency, company reputation, customer satisfaction and many more.  

Save Money with 3PL Warehousing Management

You can expect your 3PL collaboration to offer you cost benefits in several ways.  

  • Effectiveness
  • Flexibility
  • Know-how
  • Productive performance
  • No need to finance or schedule the facilities and headcount 
  • No need to think about setup, workload, overall optimisation and maintenance as you give the fulfilment duties to your partner. 
  • There is no need to incur costs for procurement of property and/or lease storage facilities to cater to the square footage requirements and expansion ambitions etc. 
  • You do not have to pay for forklifts, transport systems and other storage facilities.
  • Payment of taxes, services, office provision, Internet and other operating costs
  • Recruitment of staff for the management of the warehouse

Track You Inventory 

Customer engagement is indispensable for your company. This is the main objective of 3PL WMS. You can send an exact distribution summary to your consumers by keeping a check on the delivered items in real-time. You can attain real-time data on products in transit to streamline tracking functionality via SKU, batch, bits, or serial number.

Moreover, your WMS also assures that you acquire information on inventory activities inside or outside the factory. 

Dwindled Risks 

In-house warehousing comprises major expenditures, which include the preparation of equipment, rent or lease charges, hiring and training costs, taxes etc. If you build them from scratch, it requires upfront expenses that can also hamper your market. It also incorporates so many risks which you may not want. 

If you want to avoid building up your internal warehousing facilities then 3PL providers would want you to pay upfront costs. However, you do not have to pay for any risks and profit is assured in the long term. 

Flexibility At Its Peak!

Flexibility is the other benefit of 3PL. If you have in-house storage then you can expect from what you have set up. If there is a new obstruction then the employees have to face challenges to address this problem on the run, giving time and energy to the development and implementation of a completely new solution. Sometimes it may be a complete failure in itself. 

In contrast, a 3PL business is a specialized business with a wide range of customers and their own specific needs. They can resolve any issue on their own with minimum hassles to you. This is a big boon of partnering with a 3PL services provider that you can focus on developing your business and many major tasks can be tackled well by 3PL services. 

To Conclude

3PL services are favourable for any logistics business that wants to streamline and manage its customers’ fulfilment process. However, always make sure to collaborate with a reliable partner who has expertise in the supply chain and its management. 

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