The last mile is the last step in a delivery model. The distribution process begins when a parcel is shipped from a distribution centre and is sent to its end destination, this last destination is usually the address of the end customer. The last leg of the distribution process is called last-mile delivery. 

Not only it’s a vital part of the delivery model but it is also the most expensive and challenging part of the Logistics and Distribution model. This delivery part has the most bottlenecks and is highly resource-intensive which is why it is said to be challenging. 

The value of a reliable service provider is often overlooked but it can have an immense effect on the quality of service you will receive. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the service provider carefully to get the best outcomes. 

Read the blog ahead to get more information about the top features of last-mile delivery and how to choose the best delivery partner for you. 

Top Features of Last Mile Delivery:

Have a look at the crucial features that you must keep in mind while choosing your last-mile delivery solution. 

1. Automated dispatch and task allocation:

This feature is the core of the logistics solution as it lowers delivery processing time as well as last-mile expenses by assigning the most suitable fleet drive to the right delivery at the right time. 

Recent research depicts that there is a 10 per cent improvement in profitability with the help of automated dispatch management software. It de-escalates travel times and fleet utilization times by around 15%.

2. Route Optimization:

Route optimization is associated with automated dispatch systems as mentioned above. This system identifies the fastest and most efficient delivery routes. These features include location, traffic, capacity, weather patterns and road quality to achieve the optimal delivery route. 

Some key functionalities include:

  • Reduced delivery times
  • Minimised fuel consumption and fleet maintenance costs
  • Route visualization
  • Eliminated/minimized bottlenecks
  • Improved customer satisfaction

3. Smart Tracking:

Smart tracking is an essential feature of last-mile logistics. This feature makes the delivery process more transparent by offering real-time status updates of the shipment to the customers. The customer has comprehensive visibility into their delivery that strengthens their trust and assurance in your brand. Simultaneously, your last-mile solutions benefit from real-time visibility of drivers’ location routes 

4. Audit Key Metrics:

Feature-loaded last mile logistics solution enables you to see through several crucial metrics like service times, success rates, on-time rates, distance travelled, feedback stores etc.  

In addition, this feature allows you to filter the data such as hour on hour, day or week basis. 

5. Customer Feedback:

Be sure that last-mile delivery offers you customer-centric services such as options for end users to provide feedback and reviews about the delivery experience they have had. 

Tips for Choosing the Right Delivery Partner:

End-to-End Visibility: A reliable last-mile delivery partner needs to offer an extended level of visibility of ground-level operations that include real-time tracking updates, alerts, track and trace options etc. 

Delivery Productivity: The productivity of the fleet is imperative to get the best outcomes. A reliable last-mile logistics solution must report the real-time locations of the delivery personnel, automate task allocation, and have an entire charge over the logistics. 

Flexibility of Delivery: Customers have expectations from businesses to provide them with efficient delivery options that go well along with daily schedules, therefore a good last-mile solution needs to be flexible in terms of delivery times and locations.

Inbuilt Tech Platform: A reliable company must opt for a mobile app for last-mile delivery. It needs to offer real-time updates to customers so that they can track their shipments. Not only customers, but these tech tools are also useful for the employees working on the delivery operations. Tracking, job allocation, and routing, all can be made easy with the tech platform. 

Overall, these tips must have helped you in getting crucial details about last-mile delivery and how to select the best service provider for you.