Flexibility is the key to success in today’s cut-throat competitive market. Flexibility is the most sought-after factor in every industry without any exception.  The modern logistics market also demands massive flexibility from its members so as to tackle challenges in the most unique way possible. Last-minute shipments are raising their heads in the transportation industry due to the dramatic shift in customer behaviour. Not only this, but last-minute shipments are also the result of shippers seeking new opportunities and implementing industry innovations.

Want to have more understanding of last-minute shipment and how it works? Read the blog ahead to get more crucial details.

Advantages of Last-minute Shipments:

As revealed by a recent study, above than 90 percent of US online consumers tend to buy products at the most minimal prices, which also means last-minute shopping as they wait for the sales period. Though this practice is beneficial for the consumers, however, it is a great challenge for shippers as they have to move products quickly to get the order delivered. When shippers prepare for last-minute shipments this helps them to fulfill their deadlines during seasonal sales.

Moreover, last-minute shipments are very much closer to the holiday period when customers’ demand for products shapes the shipping pace of businesses. When there is intense order processing it does not leave any room for further planning and executing effortless shipping operations. However, if things are managed precisely, they can prove to be optimal solutions in times of proactive order fulfilment.

Apart from this, last-minute shipping is a marvellous opportunity for a brand to enhance its reputation.  Currently, buyers give a lot of priority to timely delivery and take it as an outstanding feature. So instant delivery is a green flag for the customers if you can handle it perfectly.

Last but not least, last-minute shipments lead to establishing space for applying demand forecasting techniques. Look for customer choices in times of resistance and quick shopping. This tendency can let you know about the products which are popular and you can invest in these products later on.

Best Practices of Last Minute Shipments Management:

Process Order in Speed

Do you know that the most efficient last-minute shipping has a lot to do with your order process speed? The faster you process a purchase, the effortless and easier it gets to secure the needed capacity. But make sure not to demean the customer service quality. Whatever the situation is, be organised and attentive to the demands of your customers.

Leveraging Local Carrier Services

If you collaborate with a local carrier you can considerably speed up the last-minute delivery for moderate distances. When there is tight capacity, you can book with closer shipping services that can assure you meet the demand of local customers. If these are a major chunk of your clients then you can ideally respond to the limited capacity challenge.

Moreover, working with local carriers can help you build a strong network of partners to help you in future shipments.

Opt for Shipment Consolidation

The most common situation for the ever-increasing saturated logistics market is to include time for booking a shipment. Whilst, shippers opt for competitive possibilities even for last-minute movements, however, it is justifiable to opt for shipment consolidation with other suppliers.

Shipping consolidation is also an economical solution for shippers who are not able to look for an apt vehicle unit or do not need the complete space of a truck.

Cooperating with a 3PL

It’s way more challenging to handle several last-minute deliveries in tight logistics circumstances such as peak seasons or huge holiday shopping. Many shippers skip last-minute opportunities as they are hesitant of strict time frames which give them no room for proper planning. However, last-minute shipments are financially beneficial to the shippers.

A reliable 3PL service can help you delegate your transit operation successfully. They are go-to solutions for last-minute shipments as they have great resources such as freight brokerage, customer support and management systems.

To Sum Up

As mentioned above, last-minute shipments can be a game changer for a logistics business given that they are managed efficiently with best practices.

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